Web Site Branding

Does your website accurately reflect your brand? Is your online presence perceived the same of the web?

Website branding is important, it’s like having another employee that is representing you on the internet. If your business is presentable why not your website. Branding your website is more than just having a pretty design and a nice logo. Branding is the ongoing way that customers and potential customers view your business and its identity. A website can either improve or hinder that brand. A well-made site that reflects the vision and values is what you want. It is about creating a unique site that connects an image and feeling to your product or brand that existing and new customers are able to identify with. After all branding is usually about maintaining a constant theme, so that theme should be applied throughout.

You might ask yourself how can my brand be applied throughout. It is quiet simple really, there are a number of things we consider. From the basics like the colour, the character, the experience and consistency. We then answer questions like, is the site providing the correct value proposition to visitors? Does the content or language reflect the business character and personality? Most importantly we consider if the user is accurately receiving a digital experience of the product in question.

A website isn’t just a marketing platform. It is the best approximation of how you can let potential and existing customers perceive your business. It is far more important than just a flyer or an advertising campaign, it is no different to an employee or a store. Branding is the beginning to why we build custom websites. It is a very critical part of the web process, however it is not all we do.

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