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Having a great looking website is a bit like wearing a nice suit. If it hasn’t been tailored to fit there is a good chance it doesn’t really suit your business. Many web developers will simply choose a template write some content and send you on your way. We at Quantum Code like to look at the whole picture first before polishing off those little details, like those nice set of cufflinks. Great web design is down to how well a website truly reflects your identity or brand.  We like to first research a client, discover what their business vision is and what their values are. Most importantly how a website can reflect these visions and values on the web and help improve it. Design isn’t just all in the looks department, a well designed project should be well engineered. Visually the site should be appealing, the experience (UX as they say) should be engaging, the underlying code should be well written and its purpose should be to serve and promote you and your brand. Websites like gyms in palm desert are more then just a point of difference, you shouldn’t just have one because your competitor might.  You should have a website that lets you engage in new ways with potential or reoccurring customers, and that all starts with the design.


Its the bread and butter, if the site doesn’t reflect your business on the web what is the point. Remember though branding is much deeper and richer then you maybe told, if you like to deliver excellent customer service like we do, give us a call and find out how we can bring that across to the web.

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The additional things that can be done to tie in with a great website. A awesome site usually starts with an awesome logo.

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How we reflect your brand through our design process.

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How our websites make us different to the competition. Crafted websites with purpose.

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