Website Overhaul

It starts with an Audit. Looking over your existing site to see what it did right and what it did wrong. The difference between a website and a well-made website is sparse. As we like to say it’s in the details that make a great website. The list is endless to what a great site requires, it is also forever changing.  An overhaul can be as simple as some minor touch ups, to a complete re polish and at worst, a complete rebuild. An Audit on a site is a great way to build this list, we consider how your users behave on the site, what is the bounce rate, are there any clear issues with SEO. After all, clear planning helps divulge the little details.

Reasons you should consider a website overhaul:

  • Your site has not been updated in years.
  • It no longer accurately reflects the products or services you offer.
  • You get no inquiries from your site.

Consider that we take a holistic approach to our websites, if your previous developer didn’t, this maybe a cause of the reasons above. We plan out the changes and then will consider the best road to take for you and your brand. We do not want to take you down the wrong road or leave you with an unfinished product. It’s a bit like selling you are car with no wheels, it’s unfair if the product is hindered from its main purpose due to cut corners. We gauge this by testing and re auditing the site upon completion. From a well-planned road map to an overhauled site. The process is simple, whatever the changes, we will have you covered.

Ready to overhaul your website to improve your online presence, give us a call or leave your details and we will call you.


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