Web tools, CMS, E-Commerce

There are countless tools that can be integrated into web pages, the only limit to what can be done on the web is your imagination. If you can dream it we can most likely build it. We love integrating online software, tools and applications to websites. In many ways it’s what we are good at, and what makes us unique. From payroll, accounting, project management, software management, event feeds, newsletter systems, booking systems, content management software, point of sales systems and the list goes on. But most off all if nothing can meet your needs we can custom build it. Take a look at our service directory case study to see how we can custom code a solution for a unique experience.

CMS Content Management Systems

Want to replace those images from over 3 years ago, maybe update your address, or even just rewrite the very content that was written as your services or products have changed. Well a content management system is the best possible solution for you. A CMS integrates with an existing web design and makes the content editable. We preferably like to use WordPress as do many developers, however we have experience with Joomla, GetSimple and Drupal. To use WordPress is the best solution, it’s easy to use and powerful enough to be expanded with ease. WordPress also lets us build many different plugins that can change the core functionality of a website. This is the first basic way to implement a service of sort into a web page.


Bricks and mortar vs clicks and mortar. If your store doesn’t have an online presence, it probably should. Online store platforms like Magento and Shopify allow you to sell 24/7.  It is a great way to further expand your business reach as well as allow access to products continuously. These stores are very powerful and can be integrated to handle stock counts, reporting and also offer service features like automated mailing for forgotten shopping carts.  They are built to safely handle payments and ordering, have a look in our portfolio to see a store we have implemented before.

Tools and Web Apps

Lastly if it doesn’t exist let us build, we are more than capable and have done so in the past, please check out the service directory case study here. From custom back ends to unique user interfaces to handle a situation that hasn’t yet been considered we can do it.


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