Web Applications

We were told web applications are dead. We like to prove them wrong, we simply believe that the definition on web applications was wrong. They are not convoluted heavy websites, they are essentially useful tools that will run on pretty much anything thanks to the power of the internet! What makes a web application better than the rest? Simple it’s the process involved in getting to the end goal. No need to login or download something to your phone or device, you can simply access it in real time that isn’t operating software specific. Awesome right!

Put simply if it has the internet it is no longer device restricted. Take ordering a pizza online, you go to your fridge and find there is nothing to eat. On the front there is a flyer for the local pizza shop and their new App. If your local pizza shop relies on just a conventional phone application, you have to login to the application store, download the app, open the app and begin the process of ordering some yummy pizza. But what if it was a web app, now you could just open the browser on your phone, visit their website and order a pizza. Better yet you could open it on your tablet, your computer, your smart TV and even your fridge if it has a web browser. Completely unrestricted by device type and operating software. In the meantime the pizza store can track orders and deliveries with its web app. Web applications are the future of cross compatible software! To further iterate what if the local pizza store only took online orders through their mobile application, this is where the real problem lies with conventional apps. If I used a windows based phone or a blackberry there is a good chance the developer didn’t role the app out for my device. The pizza shop has just segmented out a whole section of the market. A section that is growing.

A big problem in short, that’s why we love web apps, they are the future and provide strategic value to your site, and they can prevent frustrating potential customers with greater flexibility and cross platform access like no other. We like to integrate some sort of web app style functionality or services into all our sites, it makes for a great investment.

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