UX Design

User Experience, is more than just flashy animations. Its a very important part of the design phase. We consider not just the look and feel of the site but the complexity. Is it hard to navigate from one part to another? Does the user have to click numerous times? are the alternate routes to the end goal? A well designed interface is important, be it in a website, web application or even software and machinery. Whole disasters have been caused by poor user interface design, so it is extremely important.

It all starts with the research. Depending on the scale of the project the more information we gather. We prototype your site with screen designs and put it through its paces. If it is an extremely large scale project we will use the ‘invision app’ to build digital prototypes. We can then test on real world devices to deliver real world results. From here we will iterate to decide what needs to be changed before even writing any code.  A great site is in the detail, planning, and testing before development that maximizes the end results. When considering UX design consider us, give us a call or leave your contact details and we will contact you.


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