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The Limestone Coast Services Directory is an online directory tool that allows individuals and health care professionals to find local public health services to suit their, or their clients, individual needs.

The Client

The Services Directory is a collaborative project between Riverland Division of General Practice (RDGP) and Country SA Primary Health Network (Country SA PHN), working in close conjunction with the Limestone Coast Community Services Round Table.


“I found both Brodie and Tom to be very professional in everything they did on this project they made themselves available to answer any questions or to discuss any ideas I had whenever I needed them to. I really appreciated their patience while working on this project as nobody could have foreseen how long it was actually going to take. They have provided an interactive and effective website for anybody to use, which has received many positive comments and has created a lot interest from stakeholders in other regions.” – Vicki Fabris

Project Requirements

The Limestone Coast region of South Australia has a population of roughly 65,000 with a large number of public health services scattered around its various towns and regions. Previously there had been no single method of finding these services. The directory aimed to solve that by providing a uniform way for the public and health professionals to look up applicable local health services depending on their needs.

The project was designed to follow The Common Approach model, which is a strategy that divides public health services into six core categories: Physical Health; Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing; Relationships; Material Wellbeing; Learning; and Safety. RDGP had already implemented this approach into their pre-existing systems with a large degree of success and were keen to emulate this through the directory.

The project was designed and developed from scratch and Quantum Code were involved in nearly all aspects of the projects development. This ranged from the system architecture design, user interface design and development, system development and implementation, as well as hosting and maintenance solutions.

Design and Development


A user-centric approach to the interface design was taken in order to ensure it was simple, easy to understand, and suit a wide variety of potential users. The underlying system was designed to be abstracted from the interface to allow for easy expansion and development in the future.

The user interface was developed to be compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices in order to provide users with the best experience possible regardless of how they attempted to utilise the platform.

An iterative and adaptive approach was taken to the system development as the project was required to adapt to meet both emerging goals as well as changing project requirements.



The Limestone Coast Services Directory currently manages over 270 services provided by 155 organizations throughout the Limestone Coast region and has over 450+ actively returning users, with this number continuing to grow.

All stakeholders in the project are thrilled with its initial success and as such future work is currently under consideration to expand the features and capability of the system. There is also potential plans to launch the directory to various other regions outside of the Limestone Coast district.


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