Web Sites with Purpose

We are forever told websites are just a marketing tool, a cost effective way to promote your business. But websites are so much more, they can be integrated with powerful tools, software and custom made solutions to help service your clients, and your business. The potential is endless.

What makes a Quantum Code site stand out from the rest? It is the way we integrate our clients value proposition into all of our sites. The belief that your clients should be able to access more than just simple information about you. We achieve this by integrating services into our clients websites that provides a function and purpose.

We believe a website is more than just an advertising platform. Let your website be functional and work for you. Our websites let you and your clients achieve more. We can integrate services such as:

  • payroll
  • accounting
  • project management
  • software management
  • event feeds
  • newsletter systems
  • booking systems
  • point of sales systems etc.

Services like these can be integrated into websites or custom made to meet your specific and changing needs. The only limit to what can be done on the web is your imagination. If you can dream it we can most likely build it. We love integrating online software, tools and applications to websites. This is what we are good at, and what makes us unique. Take a look at our Service Directory case study to see how we can custom code a solution for a unique experience.


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